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Tray Light

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Our Story

Tray and I met through online dating. We began dating in January 2020. I actually had to cancel our first date because I got sick and he thought I was standing him up. By some miracle, we quickly found a weeknight the following week to go on our first date. At the time, he was the Minister to Youth at St. John's so he was busy practically every day. God was working in our relationship from the very beginning. We knew from the start he would be leaving at the end of the summer to go to seminary, so we recognized early on that we would have to make the absolute best of the time we were given. God, again, had a different plan to ensure that we built a strong foundation for our relationship to withstand the distance. A global pandemic quickly opened up both of our schedules and allowed us to spend quality time with one another as well with each of our families. By the time the end of summer came and Tray left for seminary in Tennessee, we knew we wanted to spend our lives together. Tray went to seminary and we very quickly went from having all of this time together to having to rely heavily on technology and FaceTime calls at night. While the distance hasn't been the most ideal situation, it has definitely allowed us to continue to build our relationship on such a strong foundation. A foundation that will help us thrive as we enter into our marriage.

Tray began planning the proposal while he was home on Christmas Break. We had planned on me visiting him in Tennessee for my Spring Break, so he knew that would be a perfect time to ask. We went to lunch and then went on a walking tour of the campus. Tray wanted to show me All Saints' Chapel because of how stunning it is. We walked in and I got to meet a couple of his classmates. Unbeknownst to me, one of his classmates was there to take pictures of us during our special moment. Tray got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was such a magical moment and one that I will never forget. Tray and I were blessed to be able to have some alone time after the proposal to pray and just enjoy spending one-on-one time with one another after such a big moment. Afterwards, we were able to call and text everyone our exciting news! Our families and friends were so ecstatic for us and so grateful to get to share in that moment with us. Tray and I are truly blessed to have so many people that love us.