Chesley Fobare


Tray Light

Wedding Party

Amber Strickler

Matron of Honor

Amber and I met when I was in 7th grade and she was in 6th. We were instant bestfriends! We have so many memories and moments together from playing volleyball, spending many weekends together, and every thing in between. She has always been the one to bring me completely out of my shell. Amber is such a kind and gentle soul that is always there for those closest to her and I'm blessed to be one of those people. I am so excited to have her by my side on our big day!

Chelsey Schrantz


Chelsey and I met when we were in 6th grade English class together. It was the first day of school and we had an icebreaker activity to complete. We chose to be each other's partner because our names were so similar - first, middle and last. Ever since then, we have been the best of friends. It doesn't matter how long we go without seeing one another, we pick up right where we left off. Chelsey is someone that is always there to pray over me or to offer up a laugh when I need it. I am so excited to have her be apart of our special day!

Lee Sturgill


Lee and I first met when I came to work at Glen Cove Elementary School. We very quickly became close friends after meeting. She is someone that truly cares about others and I have always loved that about her. Lee is such a great person and can light up any room with her laughter! She actually helped Tray deliver my gift on our first Valentine's Day! :) I am honored that she has agreed to be part of our special day!

Paige Light


Paige is Tray's younger sister, so we obviously met after Tray and I began dating. Throughout our first year of dating, we were able to spend a good amount of time with Paige because of the pandemic. She always checks in on us and genuinely cares about how everyone is doing. Paige has always been one of our biggest supporters and she has graciously welcomed me to the Light family since the very beginning. I am so excited to have her be by my side as I officially become a Light!

Tracey Fobare


I met Tracey when she and my brother, Corey, started dating. She is now my sister-in-law, but she has been such a wonderful addition to our family since the beginning. We have had many great moments together as a family. She has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders regardless of what area of my life she is cheering on! I am looking forward to having her by my side for our special day!

Chris Musil

Best Man

Chris and I worshiped at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Lynchburg, VA together growing up. We served on the Diocesan Youth Ministry Team in High School planning and running youth events. In college we would carpool from Christopher Newport University home to Lynchburg together. On multiple occasions we also went to New Orleans to help with Katrina Relief. It was through these experiences together that we became best friends and I am so blessed to have him stand with me on our wedding day.

Xen Sternbergh


Xen and I have been close friends ever since we started planning and running youth events together on teams for Kanuga Camp and Conference Center in NC. Living in Lynchburg I would drive through Greensboro to pick up Xen on my way to Kanuga. It was these car trips that further cemented our friendship. Xen is a dear friend who is able to pick up where we left off regardless of time apart. I am blessed to have him as a friend and groomsman for our wedding day.

Ross Wenger


Ross and I attended Christopher Newport University together until his transfer to Virginia Tech. However the friendship we made at CNU has stood the test of time and distance. Always depending on each other for an honest opinion and advice to be washed down with a good time. I am blessed to have him as a counted on friend standing up there on the day of our wedding.

Breck Light


Breck and I are cousins and have grown up together with the family farm in Campbell County as a common interest. While in our younger days we were not quite as active with all the activities of the farm, the vision for the farm's future and all it has to offer has bonded us. I was honored to stand with him at his wedding to Emelyn years ago and am just as honored to have him stand with me ours.

Corey Fobare


Corey is Chesley's older brother whom I did not meet until after we were dating. As an older brother meeting another older brother is not always the easiest thing. Corey seemed cautious at first, but I knew I had this stoic’s blessing when he beamed from ear to ear when I told him a few days before the day I asked his sister to marry me. He is as supportive of us as he is of his sister and I am blessed to have him stand with me for our wedding day.

Reverend Eric Long


Spencer Sturgill

Ring Bearer

Preston Sturgill

Ring Bearer

Abby Scaggs

Flower Girl/Child

Scarlett Scales

Flower Girl/Child

Abigail Long


Griffin Breakell


Madalene Long


Copeland Breakell


Liam Scaggs

Gospel Book Bearer